Natural Liquidizer

The Best In DIY Vape Juice

Turn your herbal concentrates into vape juice with Nectar’s proprietary blend of terpenes and organic hemp oil.

Make more potent vape juice with less liquidizer. Absolutely no propylene glycol, PEG, glycerine, or other chemicals added. 

We Deliver

Domestic orders to the United States arrive within 3 business days. 

More potent

Our proprietary formula allows for twice as potent vape juice blends than the competition.

All Organic

The Nectar Liquidizer blend is only made from organic hemp oil and hemp-based terpenes.

Organic Concentrate Liquidizer With Great Taste.

By skipping the artificial chemicals like propylene glycol, PEG-400, and glycerine, Nectar Liquidizer let’s you enjoy more of the subtle natural flavors of your concentrate.  

How to Liquidize

Nectar Liquidizer makes turning your favorite concentrates into ready to enjoy vape cartridges quick and easy. Just measure, heat, and stir.

I’ve always liked the idea of making my own vape cartridges, but I couldn’t stand the taste of the artificial products. 

Nectar Liquidizer let’s me enjoy my concentrates without sacrificing flavor or convenience. 


– Jonathan Ramsen Jordan

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